Monday, July 5, 2010

Love flu......

You being mine is the best i feel.
Every moment with you is like a treasure which no one can steal.
The aroma you have is the best i felt so far.
I know it is more than what i feel as everything has some limit some bar.
The eyes you have creates illusion above beautiful.
Bewitching your smile and every part more beautiful and wonderful.
I know defining beauty in you is a task dareful
But i have this way only by which i can let my wishes fulfill.
Every time i think about you and always a new emotion takes birth.
No part is obedient to me now but for you my heart is worth.
The control of my heart changed by the time i saw you.
Thanks to my eruditely romantic friends who told me i have caught love flu.
You are the cure to this viral disease of mine.
So it is the time for you to cross the inbetween line.
Then only we can be immortal.
Else we all know man is mortal....


Beautiful sayings and beautiful songs
Who knows how much it longs?
As i never could explain the beauty in you.
But i know this affinity for you is more than a clue.
By the time i saw you , i felt what earlier was unfelt.
you created illusions and confusions which i hardly dealt
The spark in your eyes showed me a new light
My controlled breaths turned uncontrolled though i held them tight
I am slowly getting the fact that GOD is in real.
You are the cure to my wounds and only you can let them heal.
Your every look and every pose makes me go mad.
Something unusual is happening near my heart which earlier never had been
I want to love you like nothing is left in this universe.
I want to chant your name as a saint like a holy verse

Effort ....the real mean

Life always came to me like an arrow head.
I wanted to walk on roses but it always was a thorny bed.
Some made blood ooze out and some went in vain.
Not a single minute of relief it always was pain.
Sometimes i feel my heart will rebel one day
Though i know it will be painful as one or the other way.
But i know i am an extemist mettle.
I know pain is temporary this all will one day settle.
Confusions of world are more interesting than nerve wrecking.
Time changes , don’t get befooled by the cloks’s constant ticking.
It has magic unexplored in it.
Explore it , you will love it then bit by bit.
Don’t worry about the fruit it bears for you.
It will itself make you taste what actually is due to you.
Winning is not everything but effort is the real life’s mean.
Keep on trying you will see what earlier was unseen.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An inward journey...

Every word i utter is actually the reward of my pain
But with time i found it totally insane
This superimposed habit made me sluggish and faint
My talents are about to fade away which again am trying to ameliorate.
I feel i was in the worst of my nightmare
No body hlping me out and even i colundn't dare
Nothing seemed moving , everything looked static
My dreams had started decaying as story was turning dramatic
Time was to hold the nerves tight.
As i started to get ready for a new fight.
I started dreaming big again.
As new ideologies were shaking my brain
I felt that refulgent light and hope
I started climbing this barrier rope by rope
I finally reached what we call is destiny
I found nothing more than real me....

Beauty within....

June 30, 2010 / abhishekthathoo
.Dil kis bagas manzz chukh tchae foalmutt
Shukr taemsund yaem yee posh chu loagmutt
Yamess vuchnae saeth tchae choon lool tchlaan
Yus lolukk choong oss tschaet gasaan su tshee waenye prazlaan.
Choall myae chaenae saethe yae andkaray
Faer yath paejjae jigruss vae vareyy
Zapaan gaasiv naav taemsund dohass tae ratass
Aday gasee apujj kamm yath samsaras
Aday tschae dilluk (dil-u-k) soaz banaan
Atee tchnae pazruss nish soe jahnn dalaan
Tchae yae duniyaah soey paeruen
Yaethe poaz tchae apjuss manz sarunn….


Decisions of past , waste or vast
whatever you do , darker the spot , longer it lasts.
Takes a wisdom history to create
Better think twice & revaluate
I don't remember neither i have any count
I have paid heavily unreasonably a huge amount.
A few small lies changes love to hate.
So better think twice n revaluate
The man i have become morally seems to be a different league.
Double crossing my pump my adrenaline but it is just fatigue.
Forgive unforgivible, dont think it is too late
Better think twice & revaluate
I feel i am lost , i am sunk
As i feel i am intoxicated or drunk
But i want to go back in time & nourish my fate.
wished if i could have earlier thought twice & revaluate..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Masked by the lies my truth feels naked.
Though endeavours were great but it all got faked.
They say "As you sow , so shall you reap"
Then why i got trapped in this anamalous grief.
A new world has taken shape inside me,
where rules are weird and are not as per me.The part of me is paining is lot.
The part fo me is paining a lot.
I feel like my heart is about to rot.
Fumes are rasing high above making ominous air.
Playing games disheveeled by means unfair.
Grievances are a part & parcel of life,
Be a sharp edged sword rather than a blunt knife.
They come with an untimely label
Have twisted ,curved & topsy turvy ripple
Dont get attached to what is temporary
Keep the lamp of truth burning & never worry.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Death....the ultimate goal...

The time when one can hardly take a breath
It is the time when probably you are near to death.
Don’t panic, death is a part of a process.
can say it is like a recess.
Now nothing will be a clandestine , no more hints n clue
you have now to walk on only what is pure & true.
The one who dies actually crosses a pre- stage.
Off from the shackles & the illusionary cage.
Life now you experience will be fearless.
Surely soul will go to the God after it will confess.
Heaven & Hell won’t be the primes real.
But to come back again & again is the actual signed deal.
Men forget by the time they are grown .
But it is by nature ,with flower their is a thorn.
This world was responsible for the downfall of my charecter.
Reasons are myraid but pride was the prime factor.
It climbed me the mount unknown.
Where i myself got faked by my own.
As a new theory of life i adapted.
Else than real moral values rest for i opted.
But now the feel the opposite.
I want to get out from this bottomless pit.
I think it is time for me to rebirth.
As my soul i feel has gone corrupted on this pious earth.
I understood what i earlier heard , saw was an illusion.
It is time to mould my soul for a new fusion.
Death isn’t that i am not here.
Being here & to be dead is what i fear.
Is death the only way, i sometimes wonder!
Anyway play beautiful , play fair ……& now I finally surrender.
Now i feel calm & pure
Thanks god for this miraculous cure.
Now my wishes seem to be small like the parts of mine
I am a new born & now i am fine….

Journey of a new civilization....

The night was darker than the normal.
Uproars were loud & high as some people had gone abnormal.
It was the night of winter when even air showed the hostile sign.
Changing the composition of many from blood to wine.
Making them fluctuated & out of senses
& Other trying to defend those boastful offences.
Flags were green but the hearts were malign.
Eyes full of anguish , hatred though before it never had been.
The valley seemed to be in devils hand.
The time when snow showed the properties of sand.
Sand, where many hopes got buried & many a died.
It was more than a wind, it was a venomous tide.
Tide which killed many sons/daughters & left a few to live.
A life with realtions new & a few.
All guiltless opted for a journey downhill.
A new place where had to start from nil.
But all these years showed us what was veiled before.
Though wounds are still sour but it showed us a new core.
Many times adveristies took its toll
But all showed charecter how we did it from a slow crawl.
Young showed patience & old showed mettle.
So what if the time was bad & dead fatal.
We changed time & built a new age
& We showed that we have blood of seers & sages.
Sages who showed the way truthful to all & the men same
Alas! Fools you lost the so called faked jihadi game.
You misunderstood jihad & built a bounded cage.
Time is for you to suffer as our past is your present & coming age….

Luck factor...

I am pretending like there is no fuss.
As if nothing happened though everything seems to be in mess.
I felt alone so i frequented crowded places.
But Alas! i couldn’t even crawl in the slowest races.
My knees still have that wounded skin
Jaded surely are my arms but still trying to win.
I know i can’t turn back .
Though surely rare stamina & strength is what i lack.
The time is to wait for a friendly hand.
Who will help me to withstand.
So that i can see the world above.
Above the normal altitudes like a dove.
My life is an example of how life can get stuck.
I will fight till the end to show how to respect even badluck…

My story....

Life showed me its different faces.
Both good & the bad cases.
Sometimes i wanted to live a lot
& sometimes i just wanted to like die like an un moulded pot.
couldn’t understand the mystery whole.
As adversities totally shook my soul.
Leaving me turmoiled & doomed
As the story of life started decaying, fumed
I frequently had that indifferent pain.
As I started with loss & no gain
Hated everything that earlier was my love.
From family to friends till now
I started losing my grip
Though passionate about everything i felt
But i was falling apart.
life seemed a task uphill.
Full of grievances , anguish & hatred..
Tried my best to come out of it.
Did everything i could
But nothing was moving.
Save me my lord was the only mantra.
Started looking into the sky that one day i will touch you.
It is how i kept my passion
Lying to my heart
& absorbing those pain pegs
I felt like something is making way.
Into my heart & then into my soul.
Pre occupied by tensions & trauma
I felt many times to put a quell to my life.
But with the belief that i will find you one day
I always made my way through different paths.
Believing myself & backing throughout.
Knew that after bad days come glad day.
I finally reached where i should have.
you can see my smile which asks different questions
About the way i lived the unorthodoxly.
I saw many things but it didn’t went vain.
They say ” No pain , No gain”.
Live every moment , bring improvisation & innovation.
I know as i always do it my way…

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Taaraan tshee soeyy, yaemaes jigarass tchaee likhit taemsund naav,
vaethe na soe jaenh daelee, suey tschee taaraan taemsenj naav.
Aathh daeerye daerye ha baethe gaetche hae
Kathe chuu soo myooney parmeshwar
Aeshh traevye traeye khatam bae waenye goase
Yae duniyaa tae chum waenyn tulaan maey toase
Maey tae waenye rathtamm aathee
Kaenhn rotuth nae toathae pakayy bae pathe pathe
Doad chum nae maey chooan tshalaan
Sirf chuum paan galaan tae maaz galaan
Basaan chum yae kott aas bae
Yaethe gaash aaseth tae andkaar tschee
Kukarmav yathe dolmutt insaan chae
Wannan tath insaanas manz tae tschee panayy chukh
Dajaan chuss maraan chuss
Toathe haa bae pakaan chuss
Basaan chumm tschae chukh aaech wataann
Nattae kyazae chuu insaan dalaan
Mae faer waenye myanae vizze yae aakaar.
Mya tchee boznae evan firitt omkaar
Firitt omkaaaras manz tae tchee jay jay kaar
Traavtam waenye nazarr , bae ditae yath bawsagaras taar…

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A true friend....

There is something special that does’nt have any end,
It is a thread that binds when you have a great friend.
I luckily met the same of my kind,
Same in appearance & same in mind.
Though tall stud he was & short i was,
He is true man and had no flaws.
Sharing time with him was the best so far,
Don’t you worry, we together still are.
What , if he isn’t near me or besides me,
He cares , defends me like a shady tree.
But yeah his absence is what i really miss,
Thank god he being my best is in itself a bliss.
He suffered the same like did I,
It pains when we have to say each other goodbye.
He being a true man , a free soul,
To continue our friendship till eternity is our prime goal.
He is me & i am he,
& he who knows the difference is only thee……

Sheer detremination...

I backed myself , my pain till i reached my goal.
As i wanted to see , does faith really play a bog role.
I was black that time now i am ripe , red.
I finally understood how to make even a faint pain dead.
It was mine fight & i faced it with valour.
It isn’t in vain that my hair faded in colour.
My heart , my warrior absorbed those unbearable pegs of pain.
Thanks to the God for whom i earlier had the feeling of disdain.
He is the one who stirred my heart when i was back track.
My efforts were my master & my heart their jack.
I believe that truth , belief never gets buried or wasted.
Yes he shows even & odd sights & tells you how nectar is better tasted.
This world is a stage we are all the players same.
With great virtues like valour ,passion , effort …play this mystical game
Don’t worry for what you call is name & fame.
Try hard every time & being humane should be the real aim.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


though the atrocities in the valley has once again heightened
& the beauty of chinar is once again withering
can't there be peace parcel sent,
so that there could be change in blood n scent.
as men are selling their soul n losing humanity
killing severals n murdering humanity
the cruel hands of the death are still red,
as the people in valley have lost their heart n head.
the nature once again has not broken its silence
as everything in the valley is in violence.
roars are once again echoing in the heaven (valley)
& the flags of hostile country are waving
let us show some mettle of our
& make them taste what is sour.
playing games which are unfair,
show some guts n do what is rare
strengthen your arms n tighten your fist,
then only black clouds will disappear n so will mist.
let us pull down their unethical efforts n put a quell
show these men the way to hell...........

Maej kasheer....

Unexplainable, miraculous, unexpected dreamland,
It is Like, How I define my motherland.
Snowy mountains & greeny- green Lawns,
It’s really where the heaven dawns.
Eminently known as “The Switzerland of the east “,
Place which produced most eminent scholars and priests.
Sacred and pious in all the ways
it is the place where everything beauty says….
Everything sees enchanting and inevitable
As it soothes the mind and keeps everything stable.
Beauty here is treat to the eyes
Because its place where the whole creation lies.
My soul is still there where I left it years before
I want to feel my mother and want to roar.
I want to show the culprits and the men fraud
Get away from my land as it is the place of the God.
Many like me will be still in pain.
Beware culprits; our pain will never go in vain
God will one day perish them all.
And that day we will say “we can still walk tall”.
Everything will be great and everything will be fine
As we still believe “to err is human and to forgive divine”

Gharech kathh-raevmechh vathh

Sooree rood taethee , yaathe rozaan oss khudaye
vanaan tathh Maej kasheer tae Resh paereyy
waed waed gaom gaash tae waenye pyomm zarr
hae khudaye haavtam waenye soe myuun ghar
yaethee zamutt chuss bae tuss resh maejayy
yaemsund dil chae waenye tae chae tapaerye
vitastah nishh chae myoon soe ghar
yaethe moal ossum travaan larr
sardd myoutth aabuk daryavay,
athh tangg oss magar jigar oss sabjaray
taethe larr aesae Reshi peerunn
faeraan chumm tathyuk soe choong zaalun
haechnaev haechnaev tae aav na kehnn haesill
ath daerith tae homakh khudaye
kasoor na chae taemsund na oss kasoorvar hamsayay
soe tae ha roov waenyn ,bae taee ha roov ase loakcharay....


Balann khotuss , kulaenn khotuss
taothe ha bae rabae fotuss
lukann basaan chuss bae dolmutt
magar maej vanann tse kaungg posh folmutt
taothe drasay tsay tschandnae bae shankar
mae chuu basaan tse chukh ghar ghar
boezumm tsee chukh rojaan taethee
yaethe poenyee chae pyavaan phaer phaerey
waryah govv waenye yae doeryer
khatam karr waenye jigarukk zarr zarr
bae chus choeneuy, tschae chukh myoneuy
tael kyazee yae tschaoerr tae baejarr
ditamm darshun hey Harr Harr
travumm nazarr tae kasumm hajaer......

a turncoat.......

The devil inside us says find me
seek & destroy the humanity.
as the mirror of life is more clear than mess
refracting the truth & reflecting madness.
the turn is yours to see what lies inside
a journey of lies or a truthful ride.
who so ever will standby the pressures of time
he will face the world & put an end to the evil regime.
I know the power in my arms grew late
but still i will try to face my superimposed fate.
I will utilize my every breath to eliminate this lie
thee will decide who wins & who will die.
If i didn't came back, then i must have died
but yes, i will ask the god.....why i had been lied?
devils seem to be more truthful than you
at least no help from them is due
you curbed my faith & fed my evil
from now, you ain't are Lord Devil...

kath boaz RP & AT

chae duniyaah dafandallaj , vaath chae raevmeech saerneey
yae channae kath praenye yae kathh chae aajech
Tchae thaav aas paaghechh
Tchae kath boaz paezraech

vannan saeraey ki dil chuu dokhbaajay
magar chae zindagi akh baethh , yae jigarr yamukk saajay
vaanaan guss tse baethh lool naazich
Tchae thaav aas paaghechh
Tchae kath boaz paezraech

karamm karr , mae karr baroass raekhann pyaeth
chae tshee takdeer taelay, naender traav tae waenye thoadd vaath
tull mehnattuk kalam waenye, meel baruss tchae rath chee
Tchae thaav aas paaghechh
Tchae kath boaz paezraech

maa praar gashass, tchae gaah travakh paanay
tshae hae kaeemm maagzunn, pakh brunhkunn dilsaanayy
yae duniyaah mashakk chaeyy , mae laekh nagmae azrikk
Tchae thaav aas paaghechh
Tchae kath boaz paezraech

reshav tae saadav troov ghar bharay
tschae jaenakh kya tae harakhh kya
tanaan chaee yae kathh phikree vaar vaaray
mae khayae toaatt yaare tschae, yae kaem chae sabreech
Tchae thaav aas paaghechh
Tchae kath boaz paezraech

tschae saath dinayy nae lookh har vaej
tschae khorr thaav darith , karunn so yaad viz viz
adayy rattnay tchae saeree damaanay
yae haey chae pazrukk farmanay


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


In the coldest of winters
you showed me a new heat & light
am born in the heaven
& you being more than the real god to me.
who am i?
yes, i am all yours
a part of you.
you gave me birth
you are my nature.
obviously you are my mother
your love is the purest
they dont have any binding and boundaries
your meticulous ways and those tricks
to keep me always smiling.
though i always used to cry aloud.go
all this shows an unconditional love of yours.
though god didn't seemed to be with me sometimes
but you always backed me in primes.
lessened my pains & doubled my happiness
you showed me the path truthful
your struggle for me is an epitome
of both patience and meditation
your love and blessings keeps me going
what else does a human need
i am the reflection of your life
i am your part , your son
you are my first teacher , my guru
you taught me discipline & goodness.
I know you are saint, pious & sage
so is every mother in every era & age
I don't need any god
when you stand besides me against every odd.
a single drop of your nectar gave me life, made me a human
I don't know the lord, for me you are the one.
I owe every single drop of my blood to you.
Hey mom ....I love you ......

Monday, May 10, 2010


the shape of my heart is changing
as history is making me ponder a lot
sometimes repenting for my wrong choices
sometimes feeling ecstatic about those joyful moments
but still i cant understand the basic
as the beginning is same as the end
so what is life all about?
what is the mystery?
no doubt it is nothing more than
what we call curiosity
naar vaej chanae krool khanaan
saekae(sand) manzz chanae poosh vawaan
gaetchh hushaar waenye bhaya
suyy chae asleyy upcharay...
dalaan dalaan votuss taemsee neshh
yamaes nishh chae pinakayay(trishul)
gaechaee kya taem pruchhnam
maey vonnmass lolukk akh pyalayy
su kuss chu yamaes na kehn rovv
su kuss chu yamaes manzz nae khudaye
su ha tse saeth saethee
kaehenn chaenae taele parvvaye
na chae kaenh choon tae na chae kehn myoon
tael kyazae yae taasrarrye
boad gaos tae wanaan chimm braethaeyamutt
paej paeythh rovv loakcharay......

Monday, February 15, 2010

An alternate.....

The world will never be deprived of sages and hermitages.
Because they show the eternal light .
They are the real god on this earth.
So take refuge in them .
They make our soul stirred
Like on churning the milk the cream comes up.
Like wise they stir our soul & show us truth......


The soul of my soul is inside my soul.
It is the place which actually is the whole.
Like mother nature it creates wonders and fury both.
But ultimately makes us feel what is true.....


Let us overcome the desire of luxury.
& let us not give birth to wrong passions.
Keep only the passion of him , to meet him alive
He will let you taste what is tasteful
He will let you see what is unseen
He will let you feel what is unfelt.
& you finally will be enter into him.......


Why this fire doesn't burns my sin ?
Why does it does the opposite ?
Why not this water quench & satisfy my thirst for him ?
Why does it quench my thirst only?
Actually this nature takes our test
Test of patience and faith.
And the reason is this
That these both are the pillars that join earth to the heaven ........

Track of the life...

Life is a two parallel way track .
One of faith and one of love.
The one who sticks to these two.
Reaches to the supreme
It is all about controlling speed and balance.
So control your senses and nerves.
It is the greatest mantra.

The Power of senses

I read the every word of scripture loudly.
So that its echo keeps rebounding in my soul.
Making its mean to amplify & noise to filter.
So gather the knowledge of his deeds and hugeness .
Chanting it is , one of the mantras


Like every step makes us move forward.
Like every word adds to the vocabulary.
Similarly every thought of thee and so does every prayer.
Makes us closer to the supreme.
Like a flower that blooms in the day.
And sleeps in the night.
It is how the flower meditates even.
So chant his name every time.
You can move forward then only......

The Rythm of life....

Taking birth...

Sometimes i feel whether i am dead or alive?
Is the light inside me burning ?
Does it really make a difference to this pseudo world?
Absolutely not , i am away behind really
Who is hanging !
Hanging between existence and non existence
Duality and non duality
Inside and outside too
& you know what is happening ?
I am going to take birth..


Life is not a mystery of thousand lies
But a single truth.
So concentrate and know how to control your nerves.
He can come anytime to you.
So don't be engaged in fustain deeds.
they don't have neither head nor tail.
So keep yourself away from the bondages of illusionary world..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

journey uphill....

I was standing alone in a field.
Looked in the sky, saw clouds drifting
Fastly and with agression
Birds chirping in a ecstatic way
Tress almost kissing the feet of the ground.
suddenly i slipped from the slope
It was my first rainy season
After long years of drought in my life.
I was so happy & felt blessed.
As i could see him clearly now.
Since black clouds had disappeared & also my ignorance..

A high flight

Flying is my only aim.

In the deep layers of his territory.

My heart is my colored kite.

My breath is my trusted thread.

Nothing seems now beyond and difficult

If not this wind will help me fly high..

Mystic Shiva

I saw an idol of Lord Shiva.
with a trishul & a damru
A ling and a snake
The Ganga and The Moon near head.
Trishul indicating the three worlds(earth , sky and core) .
Damru indicating Heaven and hell
Ling to birth , snake to death
The Ganga to mystery & darkness
& The moon to light..


I saw ups & downs in my life.
It taught me different things
How to bind in Hurricanes !
How to keep aside in floods!
How to be happy in grief!
But most importantly , it taught me
How to swim without water
How to fly without wings
Such is the greatness of him.
He is all pervading , all blissful.
So remember him in both even & odds too.

Song of love

Sing a song of love.
It creates magic and harmony
Between soul and the God
How bad the song will be
But that will lead to eternity.
Music is a thread of devotion and divine
Hold it firmly & you will sail merrily.
Dance on the tunes of your beats
Because beats are pure and pious
So is thee.

The two worlds

When the aroma of flowers will fade away.
When the sun will not give heat anymore.
When the bees will not hymn more.
& when the water will not anymore keep its level.
Keep your faith still alive.
Welcome to the hell ,Oh men..
This faith will make you face all agony & wrath in this world.
& surely this all is temporary...


He is the basic of everything
Whole cosmos is his blessing
Did you find him anywhere
Yes, I feel everytime I breath
Everytime when sun rises & sets
When its rays touch the earth
When moon comes & stars twinkle
He is in everything
In Bhur,Bhuva & Suaha
What else do you want.


Dwoed chae muslim
Hyund chae shakarr saaf saaf
Dwoed tae shakarr mael naeu paenwaen
Nyay traeyeu tae maay thaeuyy paenwaen
Poaz mohobbat baegraeu paenwaeny........

It means milk is muslim and the hindu is sachhrine (sugar)
so mix them with love & it will lead to happiness in future..


Life is all about addition and subtraction
What you add materially will be subtracted spiritually
Though both addition and subtraction will make you go along.
So all is upto you how and what we add and subtract .

A Silent listener...ominipresent

Every second matters really
when it is about doing and living
Though God is achieved by two ways
varaigya and abhyas as per the rule
So let my heart be the God
Then breath be the practice
Blood being the soul
So chant his name everytime your heart beats.
You will find him anyway through thick and thin
In every part of life and universe.

Practice ...

Try to relate him to everything
If this will be your practice all your life
To know his mysteries & all
He doesn't need to do anything else
You will see him eveywhere
controlling your nerves is the only matra.

The ultimate aim

like water is life giving for a thirsty
Nectar is for the the bee
Light for the living beings
Likewise the name of the God for the soul
Hope I can put an effort anyway
& may i dissolve in thee.


In this whirlpool of illusion
Only he can help to come out of it.
Myraid threads together become a rope.
Likewise in your life
Join the threads of faith & truth
Love and affection
Dedication & perfection
Prayers and practice
Will make you come out of whilrpool
And make you reach the paramount.


I have taken my body for granted.
Such is the spell that illusion creates (maya).
Though our Sages knew it strongly
But only a few reached the destine.
So let us remember this soul only
which is the ultimate truth and unchangeable.
So let us see and feel inside & get attached to the prime.


I shake my head
When i feel the pain.
I bend my knee too
When it is really tough.
But i wonder why don't i do the opposite
Why ain't i utilize this pain to find him
Why don't i bend my head and knees before him .
So that he will sail through this sea of tears and suffering.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Let the truth within me always prevail
So that i can feel his presence
let my soul burn like a candle
so that i can see my soul clearly
let this soul provide me with hope and light
so that this world wont hold me tight.


I am a drop of love
who wants to be infinite
By merging with infinite
Then only i can grow
So let us sow the seeds of love
which will gift us the fruit of love and warmth
& when i will be ripe
I will once again bow and will evolve again.


when the leaves wither way
on fall they give a crisp sound
it soothes my soul anyway.
finally combines with the soil
and sometimes ashes after burn
both earth ans sky being an infinite
and hence attain infinite
after entering in you (nature).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sometimes we have to give our blood.
To ensure the hope always keeps alive.
God is synonymous to it.
To see him we have to take pains.
So burn the lamp of hope with the blood as oil.
And see your soul
Keep the lamp for the prayer of God.
And one day you will finally find him ...

The almighty .....

like a bird wandering in the sky
I too am feeling aloof
Though we fly with a bunch
But don't share a lot
Bless us with your love
So that in adversities i can fly high
So high that i finally find you in the heaven
Let my speed & stamena grow
Let hope in me never die
& let my strength & will of soul grow fonder.
It is not that i want to touch the zenith .
But i want to see how far i am from you