Monday, February 15, 2010

An alternate.....

The world will never be deprived of sages and hermitages.
Because they show the eternal light .
They are the real god on this earth.
So take refuge in them .
They make our soul stirred
Like on churning the milk the cream comes up.
Like wise they stir our soul & show us truth......


The soul of my soul is inside my soul.
It is the place which actually is the whole.
Like mother nature it creates wonders and fury both.
But ultimately makes us feel what is true.....


Let us overcome the desire of luxury.
& let us not give birth to wrong passions.
Keep only the passion of him , to meet him alive
He will let you taste what is tasteful
He will let you see what is unseen
He will let you feel what is unfelt.
& you finally will be enter into him.......


Why this fire doesn't burns my sin ?
Why does it does the opposite ?
Why not this water quench & satisfy my thirst for him ?
Why does it quench my thirst only?
Actually this nature takes our test
Test of patience and faith.
And the reason is this
That these both are the pillars that join earth to the heaven ........

Track of the life...

Life is a two parallel way track .
One of faith and one of love.
The one who sticks to these two.
Reaches to the supreme
It is all about controlling speed and balance.
So control your senses and nerves.
It is the greatest mantra.

The Power of senses

I read the every word of scripture loudly.
So that its echo keeps rebounding in my soul.
Making its mean to amplify & noise to filter.
So gather the knowledge of his deeds and hugeness .
Chanting it is , one of the mantras


Like every step makes us move forward.
Like every word adds to the vocabulary.
Similarly every thought of thee and so does every prayer.
Makes us closer to the supreme.
Like a flower that blooms in the day.
And sleeps in the night.
It is how the flower meditates even.
So chant his name every time.
You can move forward then only......

The Rythm of life....

Taking birth...

Sometimes i feel whether i am dead or alive?
Is the light inside me burning ?
Does it really make a difference to this pseudo world?
Absolutely not , i am away behind really
Who is hanging !
Hanging between existence and non existence
Duality and non duality
Inside and outside too
& you know what is happening ?
I am going to take birth..


Life is not a mystery of thousand lies
But a single truth.
So concentrate and know how to control your nerves.
He can come anytime to you.
So don't be engaged in fustain deeds.
they don't have neither head nor tail.
So keep yourself away from the bondages of illusionary world..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

journey uphill....

I was standing alone in a field.
Looked in the sky, saw clouds drifting
Fastly and with agression
Birds chirping in a ecstatic way
Tress almost kissing the feet of the ground.
suddenly i slipped from the slope
It was my first rainy season
After long years of drought in my life.
I was so happy & felt blessed.
As i could see him clearly now.
Since black clouds had disappeared & also my ignorance..

A high flight

Flying is my only aim.

In the deep layers of his territory.

My heart is my colored kite.

My breath is my trusted thread.

Nothing seems now beyond and difficult

If not this wind will help me fly high..

Mystic Shiva

I saw an idol of Lord Shiva.
with a trishul & a damru
A ling and a snake
The Ganga and The Moon near head.
Trishul indicating the three worlds(earth , sky and core) .
Damru indicating Heaven and hell
Ling to birth , snake to death
The Ganga to mystery & darkness
& The moon to light..


I saw ups & downs in my life.
It taught me different things
How to bind in Hurricanes !
How to keep aside in floods!
How to be happy in grief!
But most importantly , it taught me
How to swim without water
How to fly without wings
Such is the greatness of him.
He is all pervading , all blissful.
So remember him in both even & odds too.

Song of love

Sing a song of love.
It creates magic and harmony
Between soul and the God
How bad the song will be
But that will lead to eternity.
Music is a thread of devotion and divine
Hold it firmly & you will sail merrily.
Dance on the tunes of your beats
Because beats are pure and pious
So is thee.

The two worlds

When the aroma of flowers will fade away.
When the sun will not give heat anymore.
When the bees will not hymn more.
& when the water will not anymore keep its level.
Keep your faith still alive.
Welcome to the hell ,Oh men..
This faith will make you face all agony & wrath in this world.
& surely this all is temporary...


He is the basic of everything
Whole cosmos is his blessing
Did you find him anywhere
Yes, I feel everytime I breath
Everytime when sun rises & sets
When its rays touch the earth
When moon comes & stars twinkle
He is in everything
In Bhur,Bhuva & Suaha
What else do you want.


Dwoed chae muslim
Hyund chae shakarr saaf saaf
Dwoed tae shakarr mael naeu paenwaen
Nyay traeyeu tae maay thaeuyy paenwaen
Poaz mohobbat baegraeu paenwaeny........

It means milk is muslim and the hindu is sachhrine (sugar)
so mix them with love & it will lead to happiness in future..


Life is all about addition and subtraction
What you add materially will be subtracted spiritually
Though both addition and subtraction will make you go along.
So all is upto you how and what we add and subtract .

A Silent listener...ominipresent

Every second matters really
when it is about doing and living
Though God is achieved by two ways
varaigya and abhyas as per the rule
So let my heart be the God
Then breath be the practice
Blood being the soul
So chant his name everytime your heart beats.
You will find him anyway through thick and thin
In every part of life and universe.

Practice ...

Try to relate him to everything
If this will be your practice all your life
To know his mysteries & all
He doesn't need to do anything else
You will see him eveywhere
controlling your nerves is the only matra.

The ultimate aim

like water is life giving for a thirsty
Nectar is for the the bee
Light for the living beings
Likewise the name of the God for the soul
Hope I can put an effort anyway
& may i dissolve in thee.


In this whirlpool of illusion
Only he can help to come out of it.
Myraid threads together become a rope.
Likewise in your life
Join the threads of faith & truth
Love and affection
Dedication & perfection
Prayers and practice
Will make you come out of whilrpool
And make you reach the paramount.


I have taken my body for granted.
Such is the spell that illusion creates (maya).
Though our Sages knew it strongly
But only a few reached the destine.
So let us remember this soul only
which is the ultimate truth and unchangeable.
So let us see and feel inside & get attached to the prime.


I shake my head
When i feel the pain.
I bend my knee too
When it is really tough.
But i wonder why don't i do the opposite
Why ain't i utilize this pain to find him
Why don't i bend my head and knees before him .
So that he will sail through this sea of tears and suffering.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Let the truth within me always prevail
So that i can feel his presence
let my soul burn like a candle
so that i can see my soul clearly
let this soul provide me with hope and light
so that this world wont hold me tight.


I am a drop of love
who wants to be infinite
By merging with infinite
Then only i can grow
So let us sow the seeds of love
which will gift us the fruit of love and warmth
& when i will be ripe
I will once again bow and will evolve again.


when the leaves wither way
on fall they give a crisp sound
it soothes my soul anyway.
finally combines with the soil
and sometimes ashes after burn
both earth ans sky being an infinite
and hence attain infinite
after entering in you (nature).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sometimes we have to give our blood.
To ensure the hope always keeps alive.
God is synonymous to it.
To see him we have to take pains.
So burn the lamp of hope with the blood as oil.
And see your soul
Keep the lamp for the prayer of God.
And one day you will finally find him ...

The almighty .....

like a bird wandering in the sky
I too am feeling aloof
Though we fly with a bunch
But don't share a lot
Bless us with your love
So that in adversities i can fly high
So high that i finally find you in the heaven
Let my speed & stamena grow
Let hope in me never die
& let my strength & will of soul grow fonder.
It is not that i want to touch the zenith .
But i want to see how far i am from you