Friday, May 20, 2011

Soul chords.....

Deep down lies the flame
Nothing it has to do with the name.
Burns without oxygen for a reason unknown
But creates magic when seeked alone
Resilient & harmonically it burns so quiet.
But when burns makes a man go poet
So cool & serene when felt inside
Makes you reach far with its high tide.
Calmly one should make companion to it.
Surely you will love it bit by bit
They say it is governed by the lord.
He plays with it like a musical chord.
Truth & beauty comes out when music reaches its peak
Wished i had the power to sneak.
It reflects the charecter pure
It is Soul for sure

Romancing with books....

Romancing with books is good for both wallet & the soul.It is blessed with the charecterstic feeling of the unconditional love it offers back to its lover.No matter how beautiful or ugly the book is , it always looks enchanting & inevitable to those who dare to love in all conditions.It makes a man to utilize & exercise all his senses & allows him to bargain with fiction correlated to the ground reality.However books are at their best when loved in solitude. Makes one laugh , giggle , cry , frown & many like kinda things.books check ones temperament & builds the same.though the moral of a book never changes. It signifies its consistency ,persistence & self belief of the book.Books improvises & nourishes our confidence, satisfaction & it always offers an evergreen happiness to the one who takes refuge in them.Playing hide & seek may be dangerous as it can lead to many confusions & illusions , so better be loyal to them like the way they are.Books are basic things which nourish growth & success of the human race.......