Friday, September 30, 2011


to see the world better i need now a third eye.
as the rest two seem to always lie.
in this world where melodramas are frequent,
i am not able to resist but can only lament.
for the past grievances & the new coming,
it feels that life has stopped humming
seeing isn't bad but sights are,
i feel offended by this insane war.
i don't want to pray any more,
as my silence always sounded like a roar.
i cried many a times & still i do the same,
they say now a days all play the same game
to what they call love isn't pure anymore,
i feel my mettle corrupted like a rusted ore.
am trying hard to change the new trends of human nature,
becoz it's said to reach a proper port, dont drift or lie at anchor...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pride ...the subsequent fall....

unending thoughts & mere beliefs,
pending works & severe griefs.
flashes when a smile with lips open wide.
slips the tear that i try to hide.
oh the damn me & the damn pride
proud they called me but always i denied.
but when i realized it finally,how awfully i cried.
it was a devastating tide
playing in me the seek & hide.
oh got ruined the supposed peace
with that totally ragged ..the pride piece.
everything tried afterward ran in vain
so friends duly refrain..
from being a proud fool is the thing main ,
so shrug your shoulders & of course your brain.
because everything gets flooded in the disastrous rain.
clearly by now, i don't think i need to come again......

Was it a rendezvous....

Beneath the clouds lies the sun,
& the weather was dry
She was on her way
& on my way was i.
Never i had seen her
& never she did
Never i will see her
May god forbid.
& then it suddenly begin to rain.
My noble thoughts were in gain.
As i was taking care of my wet books.
She went glaring me with her caring looks.
& then i left the place & so did she,
Who is she & will she be mine
Knows only HE

A big liar....

you know up in the sky lies nothing,
It is nothing just a blue thing.
The hell lies here & also heaven do,
So for the God cares who ?
We are all free to enjoy,
In this world with girl & boy.
no one can stop us,
So there is no almighty thus.
So just don't bother for wrong & right,
To hell with the so called career bright.
My lines might seem to you a hot fire,
But be cautious dear,
I am a big liar

Monday, September 12, 2011


I am the branch of a tree,
Trying to grow separately & free.
I know i don't have any roots,
Then how can i bear fruits.
possibility is that i may grow alone in a field,
Where there is no one to care & no one to shield.
Wished i should have waited for my friends,
But ALAS! they opted the same kind of trends.
I feel like an obnoxious one,
Who cares , i am whose son.
The tree which was evergreen,
I separated as i had turned malign.
I didn't understand what was true & must,
Got befooled & blinded by the waste & dust......

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Revised policy.........

The life which i want now is with small dreams
Peace within & no more charts of big dreams.
It is not that my passion died.
It is just that at time i didn't had a proper guide.
Who could have checked the brakes in me.
Which would have played role of a magical key.
However, it won't make any difference to me
It isn't true that only buzy is the bee.
All have their own & all work hard
However a great destiny is the Gods card.
I know that at the start my happiness will be less.
Thinking huge only creates panic & stress.
Calmness is what i now own
Accept new challenges everytime & you will be reknowned.
Show people that life is at the best when seen from above.
Happiness comes surely & so does love.