Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A true friend....

There is something special that does’nt have any end,
It is a thread that binds when you have a great friend.
I luckily met the same of my kind,
Same in appearance & same in mind.
Though tall stud he was & short i was,
He is true man and had no flaws.
Sharing time with him was the best so far,
Don’t you worry, we together still are.
What , if he isn’t near me or besides me,
He cares , defends me like a shady tree.
But yeah his absence is what i really miss,
Thank god he being my best is in itself a bliss.
He suffered the same like did I,
It pains when we have to say each other goodbye.
He being a true man , a free soul,
To continue our friendship till eternity is our prime goal.
He is me & i am he,
& he who knows the difference is only thee……

Sheer detremination...

I backed myself , my pain till i reached my goal.
As i wanted to see , does faith really play a bog role.
I was black that time now i am ripe , red.
I finally understood how to make even a faint pain dead.
It was mine fight & i faced it with valour.
It isn’t in vain that my hair faded in colour.
My heart , my warrior absorbed those unbearable pegs of pain.
Thanks to the God for whom i earlier had the feeling of disdain.
He is the one who stirred my heart when i was back track.
My efforts were my master & my heart their jack.
I believe that truth , belief never gets buried or wasted.
Yes he shows even & odd sights & tells you how nectar is better tasted.
This world is a stage we are all the players same.
With great virtues like valour ,passion , effort …play this mystical game
Don’t worry for what you call is name & fame.
Try hard every time & being humane should be the real aim.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


though the atrocities in the valley has once again heightened
& the beauty of chinar is once again withering
can't there be peace parcel sent,
so that there could be change in blood n scent.
as men are selling their soul n losing humanity
killing severals n murdering humanity
the cruel hands of the death are still red,
as the people in valley have lost their heart n head.
the nature once again has not broken its silence
as everything in the valley is in violence.
roars are once again echoing in the heaven (valley)
& the flags of hostile country are waving
let us show some mettle of our
& make them taste what is sour.
playing games which are unfair,
show some guts n do what is rare
strengthen your arms n tighten your fist,
then only black clouds will disappear n so will mist.
let us pull down their unethical efforts n put a quell
show these men the way to hell...........

Maej kasheer....

Unexplainable, miraculous, unexpected dreamland,
It is Like, How I define my motherland.
Snowy mountains & greeny- green Lawns,
It’s really where the heaven dawns.
Eminently known as “The Switzerland of the east “,
Place which produced most eminent scholars and priests.
Sacred and pious in all the ways
it is the place where everything beauty says….
Everything sees enchanting and inevitable
As it soothes the mind and keeps everything stable.
Beauty here is treat to the eyes
Because its place where the whole creation lies.
My soul is still there where I left it years before
I want to feel my mother and want to roar.
I want to show the culprits and the men fraud
Get away from my land as it is the place of the God.
Many like me will be still in pain.
Beware culprits; our pain will never go in vain
God will one day perish them all.
And that day we will say “we can still walk tall”.
Everything will be great and everything will be fine
As we still believe “to err is human and to forgive divine”

Gharech kathh-raevmechh vathh

Sooree rood taethee , yaathe rozaan oss khudaye
vanaan tathh Maej kasheer tae Resh paereyy
waed waed gaom gaash tae waenye pyomm zarr
hae khudaye haavtam waenye soe myuun ghar
yaethee zamutt chuss bae tuss resh maejayy
yaemsund dil chae waenye tae chae tapaerye
vitastah nishh chae myoon soe ghar
yaethe moal ossum travaan larr
sardd myoutth aabuk daryavay,
athh tangg oss magar jigar oss sabjaray
taethe larr aesae Reshi peerunn
faeraan chumm tathyuk soe choong zaalun
haechnaev haechnaev tae aav na kehnn haesill
ath daerith tae homakh khudaye
kasoor na chae taemsund na oss kasoorvar hamsayay
soe tae ha roov waenyn ,bae taee ha roov ase loakcharay....


Balann khotuss , kulaenn khotuss
taothe ha bae rabae fotuss
lukann basaan chuss bae dolmutt
magar maej vanann tse kaungg posh folmutt
taothe drasay tsay tschandnae bae shankar
mae chuu basaan tse chukh ghar ghar
boezumm tsee chukh rojaan taethee
yaethe poenyee chae pyavaan phaer phaerey
waryah govv waenye yae doeryer
khatam karr waenye jigarukk zarr zarr
bae chus choeneuy, tschae chukh myoneuy
tael kyazee yae tschaoerr tae baejarr
ditamm darshun hey Harr Harr
travumm nazarr tae kasumm hajaer......

a turncoat.......

The devil inside us says find me
seek & destroy the humanity.
as the mirror of life is more clear than mess
refracting the truth & reflecting madness.
the turn is yours to see what lies inside
a journey of lies or a truthful ride.
who so ever will standby the pressures of time
he will face the world & put an end to the evil regime.
I know the power in my arms grew late
but still i will try to face my superimposed fate.
I will utilize my every breath to eliminate this lie
thee will decide who wins & who will die.
If i didn't came back, then i must have died
but yes, i will ask the god.....why i had been lied?
devils seem to be more truthful than you
at least no help from them is due
you curbed my faith & fed my evil
from now, you ain't are Lord Devil...

kath boaz RP & AT

chae duniyaah dafandallaj , vaath chae raevmeech saerneey
yae channae kath praenye yae kathh chae aajech
Tchae thaav aas paaghechh
Tchae kath boaz paezraech

vannan saeraey ki dil chuu dokhbaajay
magar chae zindagi akh baethh , yae jigarr yamukk saajay
vaanaan guss tse baethh lool naazich
Tchae thaav aas paaghechh
Tchae kath boaz paezraech

karamm karr , mae karr baroass raekhann pyaeth
chae tshee takdeer taelay, naender traav tae waenye thoadd vaath
tull mehnattuk kalam waenye, meel baruss tchae rath chee
Tchae thaav aas paaghechh
Tchae kath boaz paezraech

maa praar gashass, tchae gaah travakh paanay
tshae hae kaeemm maagzunn, pakh brunhkunn dilsaanayy
yae duniyaah mashakk chaeyy , mae laekh nagmae azrikk
Tchae thaav aas paaghechh
Tchae kath boaz paezraech

reshav tae saadav troov ghar bharay
tschae jaenakh kya tae harakhh kya
tanaan chaee yae kathh phikree vaar vaaray
mae khayae toaatt yaare tschae, yae kaem chae sabreech
Tchae thaav aas paaghechh
Tchae kath boaz paezraech

tschae saath dinayy nae lookh har vaej
tschae khorr thaav darith , karunn so yaad viz viz
adayy rattnay tchae saeree damaanay
yae haey chae pazrukk farmanay


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


In the coldest of winters
you showed me a new heat & light
am born in the heaven
& you being more than the real god to me.
who am i?
yes, i am all yours
a part of you.
you gave me birth
you are my nature.
obviously you are my mother
your love is the purest
they dont have any binding and boundaries
your meticulous ways and those tricks
to keep me always smiling.
though i always used to cry aloud.go
all this shows an unconditional love of yours.
though god didn't seemed to be with me sometimes
but you always backed me in primes.
lessened my pains & doubled my happiness
you showed me the path truthful
your struggle for me is an epitome
of both patience and meditation
your love and blessings keeps me going
what else does a human need
i am the reflection of your life
i am your part , your son
you are my first teacher , my guru
you taught me discipline & goodness.
I know you are saint, pious & sage
so is every mother in every era & age
I don't need any god
when you stand besides me against every odd.
a single drop of your nectar gave me life, made me a human
I don't know the lord, for me you are the one.
I owe every single drop of my blood to you.
Hey mom ....I love you ......

Monday, May 10, 2010


the shape of my heart is changing
as history is making me ponder a lot
sometimes repenting for my wrong choices
sometimes feeling ecstatic about those joyful moments
but still i cant understand the basic
as the beginning is same as the end
so what is life all about?
what is the mystery?
no doubt it is nothing more than
what we call curiosity
naar vaej chanae krool khanaan
saekae(sand) manzz chanae poosh vawaan
gaetchh hushaar waenye bhaya
suyy chae asleyy upcharay...
dalaan dalaan votuss taemsee neshh
yamaes nishh chae pinakayay(trishul)
gaechaee kya taem pruchhnam
maey vonnmass lolukk akh pyalayy
su kuss chu yamaes na kehn rovv
su kuss chu yamaes manzz nae khudaye
su ha tse saeth saethee
kaehenn chaenae taele parvvaye
na chae kaenh choon tae na chae kehn myoon
tael kyazae yae taasrarrye
boad gaos tae wanaan chimm braethaeyamutt
paej paeythh rovv loakcharay......