Wednesday, May 12, 2010


though the atrocities in the valley has once again heightened
& the beauty of chinar is once again withering
can't there be peace parcel sent,
so that there could be change in blood n scent.
as men are selling their soul n losing humanity
killing severals n murdering humanity
the cruel hands of the death are still red,
as the people in valley have lost their heart n head.
the nature once again has not broken its silence
as everything in the valley is in violence.
roars are once again echoing in the heaven (valley)
& the flags of hostile country are waving
let us show some mettle of our
& make them taste what is sour.
playing games which are unfair,
show some guts n do what is rare
strengthen your arms n tighten your fist,
then only black clouds will disappear n so will mist.
let us pull down their unethical efforts n put a quell
show these men the way to hell...........

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