Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sheer detremination...

I backed myself , my pain till i reached my goal.
As i wanted to see , does faith really play a bog role.
I was black that time now i am ripe , red.
I finally understood how to make even a faint pain dead.
It was mine fight & i faced it with valour.
It isn’t in vain that my hair faded in colour.
My heart , my warrior absorbed those unbearable pegs of pain.
Thanks to the God for whom i earlier had the feeling of disdain.
He is the one who stirred my heart when i was back track.
My efforts were my master & my heart their jack.
I believe that truth , belief never gets buried or wasted.
Yes he shows even & odd sights & tells you how nectar is better tasted.
This world is a stage we are all the players same.
With great virtues like valour ,passion , effort …play this mystical game
Don’t worry for what you call is name & fame.
Try hard every time & being humane should be the real aim.

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