Tuesday, May 11, 2010


In the coldest of winters
you showed me a new heat & light
am born in the heaven
& you being more than the real god to me.
who am i?
yes, i am all yours
a part of you.
you gave me birth
you are my nature.
obviously you are my mother
your love is the purest
they dont have any binding and boundaries
your meticulous ways and those tricks
to keep me always smiling.
though i always used to cry aloud.go
all this shows an unconditional love of yours.
though god didn't seemed to be with me sometimes
but you always backed me in primes.
lessened my pains & doubled my happiness
you showed me the path truthful
your struggle for me is an epitome
of both patience and meditation
your love and blessings keeps me going
what else does a human need
i am the reflection of your life
i am your part , your son
you are my first teacher , my guru
you taught me discipline & goodness.
I know you are saint, pious & sage
so is every mother in every era & age
I don't need any god
when you stand besides me against every odd.
a single drop of your nectar gave me life, made me a human
I don't know the lord, for me you are the one.
I owe every single drop of my blood to you.
Hey mom ....I love you ......

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