Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A true friend....

There is something special that does’nt have any end,
It is a thread that binds when you have a great friend.
I luckily met the same of my kind,
Same in appearance & same in mind.
Though tall stud he was & short i was,
He is true man and had no flaws.
Sharing time with him was the best so far,
Don’t you worry, we together still are.
What , if he isn’t near me or besides me,
He cares , defends me like a shady tree.
But yeah his absence is what i really miss,
Thank god he being my best is in itself a bliss.
He suffered the same like did I,
It pains when we have to say each other goodbye.
He being a true man , a free soul,
To continue our friendship till eternity is our prime goal.
He is me & i am he,
& he who knows the difference is only thee……

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