Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An inward journey...

Every word i utter is actually the reward of my pain
But with time i found it totally insane
This superimposed habit made me sluggish and faint
My talents are about to fade away which again am trying to ameliorate.
I feel i was in the worst of my nightmare
No body hlping me out and even i colundn't dare
Nothing seemed moving , everything looked static
My dreams had started decaying as story was turning dramatic
Time was to hold the nerves tight.
As i started to get ready for a new fight.
I started dreaming big again.
As new ideologies were shaking my brain
I felt that refulgent light and hope
I started climbing this barrier rope by rope
I finally reached what we call is destiny
I found nothing more than real me....

Beauty within....

June 30, 2010 / abhishekthathoo
.Dil kis bagas manzz chukh tchae foalmutt
Shukr taemsund yaem yee posh chu loagmutt
Yamess vuchnae saeth tchae choon lool tchlaan
Yus lolukk choong oss tschaet gasaan su tshee waenye prazlaan.
Choall myae chaenae saethe yae andkaray
Faer yath paejjae jigruss vae vareyy
Zapaan gaasiv naav taemsund dohass tae ratass
Aday gasee apujj kamm yath samsaras
Aday tschae dilluk (dil-u-k) soaz banaan
Atee tchnae pazruss nish soe jahnn dalaan
Tchae yae duniyaah soey paeruen
Yaethe poaz tchae apjuss manz sarunn….


Decisions of past , waste or vast
whatever you do , darker the spot , longer it lasts.
Takes a wisdom history to create
Better think twice & revaluate
I don't remember neither i have any count
I have paid heavily unreasonably a huge amount.
A few small lies changes love to hate.
So better think twice n revaluate
The man i have become morally seems to be a different league.
Double crossing my pump my adrenaline but it is just fatigue.
Forgive unforgivible, dont think it is too late
Better think twice & revaluate
I feel i am lost , i am sunk
As i feel i am intoxicated or drunk
But i want to go back in time & nourish my fate.
wished if i could have earlier thought twice & revaluate..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Masked by the lies my truth feels naked.
Though endeavours were great but it all got faked.
They say "As you sow , so shall you reap"
Then why i got trapped in this anamalous grief.
A new world has taken shape inside me,
where rules are weird and are not as per me.The part of me is paining is lot.
The part fo me is paining a lot.
I feel like my heart is about to rot.
Fumes are rasing high above making ominous air.
Playing games disheveeled by means unfair.
Grievances are a part & parcel of life,
Be a sharp edged sword rather than a blunt knife.
They come with an untimely label
Have twisted ,curved & topsy turvy ripple
Dont get attached to what is temporary
Keep the lamp of truth burning & never worry.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Death....the ultimate goal...

The time when one can hardly take a breath
It is the time when probably you are near to death.
Don’t panic, death is a part of a process.
can say it is like a recess.
Now nothing will be a clandestine , no more hints n clue
you have now to walk on only what is pure & true.
The one who dies actually crosses a pre- stage.
Off from the shackles & the illusionary cage.
Life now you experience will be fearless.
Surely soul will go to the God after it will confess.
Heaven & Hell won’t be the primes real.
But to come back again & again is the actual signed deal.
Men forget by the time they are grown .
But it is by nature ,with flower their is a thorn.
This world was responsible for the downfall of my charecter.
Reasons are myraid but pride was the prime factor.
It climbed me the mount unknown.
Where i myself got faked by my own.
As a new theory of life i adapted.
Else than real moral values rest for i opted.
But now the feel the opposite.
I want to get out from this bottomless pit.
I think it is time for me to rebirth.
As my soul i feel has gone corrupted on this pious earth.
I understood what i earlier heard , saw was an illusion.
It is time to mould my soul for a new fusion.
Death isn’t that i am not here.
Being here & to be dead is what i fear.
Is death the only way, i sometimes wonder!
Anyway play beautiful , play fair ……& now I finally surrender.
Now i feel calm & pure
Thanks god for this miraculous cure.
Now my wishes seem to be small like the parts of mine
I am a new born & now i am fine….

Journey of a new civilization....

The night was darker than the normal.
Uproars were loud & high as some people had gone abnormal.
It was the night of winter when even air showed the hostile sign.
Changing the composition of many from blood to wine.
Making them fluctuated & out of senses
& Other trying to defend those boastful offences.
Flags were green but the hearts were malign.
Eyes full of anguish , hatred though before it never had been.
The valley seemed to be in devils hand.
The time when snow showed the properties of sand.
Sand, where many hopes got buried & many a died.
It was more than a wind, it was a venomous tide.
Tide which killed many sons/daughters & left a few to live.
A life with realtions new & a few.
All guiltless opted for a journey downhill.
A new place where had to start from nil.
But all these years showed us what was veiled before.
Though wounds are still sour but it showed us a new core.
Many times adveristies took its toll
But all showed charecter how we did it from a slow crawl.
Young showed patience & old showed mettle.
So what if the time was bad & dead fatal.
We changed time & built a new age
& We showed that we have blood of seers & sages.
Sages who showed the way truthful to all & the men same
Alas! Fools you lost the so called faked jihadi game.
You misunderstood jihad & built a bounded cage.
Time is for you to suffer as our past is your present & coming age….

Luck factor...

I am pretending like there is no fuss.
As if nothing happened though everything seems to be in mess.
I felt alone so i frequented crowded places.
But Alas! i couldn’t even crawl in the slowest races.
My knees still have that wounded skin
Jaded surely are my arms but still trying to win.
I know i can’t turn back .
Though surely rare stamina & strength is what i lack.
The time is to wait for a friendly hand.
Who will help me to withstand.
So that i can see the world above.
Above the normal altitudes like a dove.
My life is an example of how life can get stuck.
I will fight till the end to show how to respect even badluck…

My story....

Life showed me its different faces.
Both good & the bad cases.
Sometimes i wanted to live a lot
& sometimes i just wanted to like die like an un moulded pot.
couldn’t understand the mystery whole.
As adversities totally shook my soul.
Leaving me turmoiled & doomed
As the story of life started decaying, fumed
I frequently had that indifferent pain.
As I started with loss & no gain
Hated everything that earlier was my love.
From family to friends till now
I started losing my grip
Though passionate about everything i felt
But i was falling apart.
life seemed a task uphill.
Full of grievances , anguish & hatred..
Tried my best to come out of it.
Did everything i could
But nothing was moving.
Save me my lord was the only mantra.
Started looking into the sky that one day i will touch you.
It is how i kept my passion
Lying to my heart
& absorbing those pain pegs
I felt like something is making way.
Into my heart & then into my soul.
Pre occupied by tensions & trauma
I felt many times to put a quell to my life.
But with the belief that i will find you one day
I always made my way through different paths.
Believing myself & backing throughout.
Knew that after bad days come glad day.
I finally reached where i should have.
you can see my smile which asks different questions
About the way i lived the unorthodoxly.
I saw many things but it didn’t went vain.
They say ” No pain , No gain”.
Live every moment , bring improvisation & innovation.
I know as i always do it my way…

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Taaraan tshee soeyy, yaemaes jigarass tchaee likhit taemsund naav,
vaethe na soe jaenh daelee, suey tschee taaraan taemsenj naav.
Aathh daeerye daerye ha baethe gaetche hae
Kathe chuu soo myooney parmeshwar
Aeshh traevye traeye khatam bae waenye goase
Yae duniyaa tae chum waenyn tulaan maey toase
Maey tae waenye rathtamm aathee
Kaenhn rotuth nae toathae pakayy bae pathe pathe
Doad chum nae maey chooan tshalaan
Sirf chuum paan galaan tae maaz galaan
Basaan chum yae kott aas bae
Yaethe gaash aaseth tae andkaar tschee
Kukarmav yathe dolmutt insaan chae
Wannan tath insaanas manz tae tschee panayy chukh
Dajaan chuss maraan chuss
Toathe haa bae pakaan chuss
Basaan chumm tschae chukh aaech wataann
Nattae kyazae chuu insaan dalaan
Mae faer waenye myanae vizze yae aakaar.
Mya tchee boznae evan firitt omkaar
Firitt omkaaaras manz tae tchee jay jay kaar
Traavtam waenye nazarr , bae ditae yath bawsagaras taar…