Sunday, June 13, 2010

Death....the ultimate goal...

The time when one can hardly take a breath
It is the time when probably you are near to death.
Don’t panic, death is a part of a process.
can say it is like a recess.
Now nothing will be a clandestine , no more hints n clue
you have now to walk on only what is pure & true.
The one who dies actually crosses a pre- stage.
Off from the shackles & the illusionary cage.
Life now you experience will be fearless.
Surely soul will go to the God after it will confess.
Heaven & Hell won’t be the primes real.
But to come back again & again is the actual signed deal.
Men forget by the time they are grown .
But it is by nature ,with flower their is a thorn.
This world was responsible for the downfall of my charecter.
Reasons are myraid but pride was the prime factor.
It climbed me the mount unknown.
Where i myself got faked by my own.
As a new theory of life i adapted.
Else than real moral values rest for i opted.
But now the feel the opposite.
I want to get out from this bottomless pit.
I think it is time for me to rebirth.
As my soul i feel has gone corrupted on this pious earth.
I understood what i earlier heard , saw was an illusion.
It is time to mould my soul for a new fusion.
Death isn’t that i am not here.
Being here & to be dead is what i fear.
Is death the only way, i sometimes wonder!
Anyway play beautiful , play fair ……& now I finally surrender.
Now i feel calm & pure
Thanks god for this miraculous cure.
Now my wishes seem to be small like the parts of mine
I am a new born & now i am fine….

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  1. " New born and now fine " .. I like these lines .. Candid !