Sunday, June 13, 2010

My story....

Life showed me its different faces.
Both good & the bad cases.
Sometimes i wanted to live a lot
& sometimes i just wanted to like die like an un moulded pot.
couldn’t understand the mystery whole.
As adversities totally shook my soul.
Leaving me turmoiled & doomed
As the story of life started decaying, fumed
I frequently had that indifferent pain.
As I started with loss & no gain
Hated everything that earlier was my love.
From family to friends till now
I started losing my grip
Though passionate about everything i felt
But i was falling apart.
life seemed a task uphill.
Full of grievances , anguish & hatred..
Tried my best to come out of it.
Did everything i could
But nothing was moving.
Save me my lord was the only mantra.
Started looking into the sky that one day i will touch you.
It is how i kept my passion
Lying to my heart
& absorbing those pain pegs
I felt like something is making way.
Into my heart & then into my soul.
Pre occupied by tensions & trauma
I felt many times to put a quell to my life.
But with the belief that i will find you one day
I always made my way through different paths.
Believing myself & backing throughout.
Knew that after bad days come glad day.
I finally reached where i should have.
you can see my smile which asks different questions
About the way i lived the unorthodoxly.
I saw many things but it didn’t went vain.
They say ” No pain , No gain”.
Live every moment , bring improvisation & innovation.
I know as i always do it my way…

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