Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Decisions of past , waste or vast
whatever you do , darker the spot , longer it lasts.
Takes a wisdom history to create
Better think twice & revaluate
I don't remember neither i have any count
I have paid heavily unreasonably a huge amount.
A few small lies changes love to hate.
So better think twice n revaluate
The man i have become morally seems to be a different league.
Double crossing my pump my adrenaline but it is just fatigue.
Forgive unforgivible, dont think it is too late
Better think twice & revaluate
I feel i am lost , i am sunk
As i feel i am intoxicated or drunk
But i want to go back in time & nourish my fate.
wished if i could have earlier thought twice & revaluate..

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