Sunday, June 13, 2010

Journey of a new civilization....

The night was darker than the normal.
Uproars were loud & high as some people had gone abnormal.
It was the night of winter when even air showed the hostile sign.
Changing the composition of many from blood to wine.
Making them fluctuated & out of senses
& Other trying to defend those boastful offences.
Flags were green but the hearts were malign.
Eyes full of anguish , hatred though before it never had been.
The valley seemed to be in devils hand.
The time when snow showed the properties of sand.
Sand, where many hopes got buried & many a died.
It was more than a wind, it was a venomous tide.
Tide which killed many sons/daughters & left a few to live.
A life with realtions new & a few.
All guiltless opted for a journey downhill.
A new place where had to start from nil.
But all these years showed us what was veiled before.
Though wounds are still sour but it showed us a new core.
Many times adveristies took its toll
But all showed charecter how we did it from a slow crawl.
Young showed patience & old showed mettle.
So what if the time was bad & dead fatal.
We changed time & built a new age
& We showed that we have blood of seers & sages.
Sages who showed the way truthful to all & the men same
Alas! Fools you lost the so called faked jihadi game.
You misunderstood jihad & built a bounded cage.
Time is for you to suffer as our past is your present & coming age….

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