Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a turncoat.......

The devil inside us says find me
seek & destroy the humanity.
as the mirror of life is more clear than mess
refracting the truth & reflecting madness.
the turn is yours to see what lies inside
a journey of lies or a truthful ride.
who so ever will standby the pressures of time
he will face the world & put an end to the evil regime.
I know the power in my arms grew late
but still i will try to face my superimposed fate.
I will utilize my every breath to eliminate this lie
thee will decide who wins & who will die.
If i didn't came back, then i must have died
but yes, i will ask the god.....why i had been lied?
devils seem to be more truthful than you
at least no help from them is due
you curbed my faith & fed my evil
from now, you ain't are Lord Devil...

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