Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maej kasheer....

Unexplainable, miraculous, unexpected dreamland,
It is Like, How I define my motherland.
Snowy mountains & greeny- green Lawns,
It’s really where the heaven dawns.
Eminently known as “The Switzerland of the east “,
Place which produced most eminent scholars and priests.
Sacred and pious in all the ways
it is the place where everything beauty says….
Everything sees enchanting and inevitable
As it soothes the mind and keeps everything stable.
Beauty here is treat to the eyes
Because its place where the whole creation lies.
My soul is still there where I left it years before
I want to feel my mother and want to roar.
I want to show the culprits and the men fraud
Get away from my land as it is the place of the God.
Many like me will be still in pain.
Beware culprits; our pain will never go in vain
God will one day perish them all.
And that day we will say “we can still walk tall”.
Everything will be great and everything will be fine
As we still believe “to err is human and to forgive divine”

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