Friday, September 30, 2011


to see the world better i need now a third eye.
as the rest two seem to always lie.
in this world where melodramas are frequent,
i am not able to resist but can only lament.
for the past grievances & the new coming,
it feels that life has stopped humming
seeing isn't bad but sights are,
i feel offended by this insane war.
i don't want to pray any more,
as my silence always sounded like a roar.
i cried many a times & still i do the same,
they say now a days all play the same game
to what they call love isn't pure anymore,
i feel my mettle corrupted like a rusted ore.
am trying hard to change the new trends of human nature,
becoz it's said to reach a proper port, dont drift or lie at anchor...

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