Friday, October 7, 2011

My school...

In the fields was my school,
A boulevard & in start a pool.
Birds chirping & those ducks swimming,
Those lotus petals , ahh that amazing feeling.
Whose aroma still comes in this heart & in the rest
Where memories often comes to gather dust.
At the end was my classroom
Where the shreiks were probable with some flavor added boom boom
A windowed room where from peer baba (temple) could be seen
Though we never there had been
Those four columns of benches & that big blackboard
Though books always took a toll but lunchbox seemed to be an unnecessary load.
A boy who scored always high , as always linear was his graph
Well his name is Rohit saraf.
Sitting with him was the guy though intelligent but tension free
He is none other than Pankaj patwari…
Wide chested and smiling face , always in mood of rock n roll.
Yeah… he is Piyush koul
Like was the adjacent guy whose smiling habit & prank playing made his Fame.
You know…Arvind sharma is his name.
Behind them were the two great guys.
One with disc pain but powered hands
Have you heard about Brahma Vishnu Mahesh…
In our class it was different …it was Brahma Vishnu & Akesh
Along him was an other guy
With robust body who in the starting days banged Ajay sharmas face
Nineteen wides in a match added to his fame.
Yes friends….Sanjay raina is his name
A gutfull gut & seriously friends he was the captain in every game.
Well well…Sunny gareeb is his name.
A quiz lover , a cricket freak and & extremist thinker
Who always got trapped in blame game
Well Vikrant matass is his name
A heighted guy with sober nature though well on the aim
Nariender khajuria is his name
With him I used to sit
We shared a lot even a single bit.
Ajay devgan of our class. though was the tallest but the shortest
We called him “chootu” who from 7th to 1oth remained the same
Ravinder sharma is his name
Now comes the turn of girls.
When ever i look back one face always strikes me.
Who remembers me of ” Goddess SHARIKA”
A deep respect even when i hear her name
Yes…. Sakshi goja is her name
A girl whose fast accent i never could understand
One of my greatest friends
Her talkativeness made her fame
Romshi raina is her name..
The gal whom we were scared
A gal with two plaits , laconic but with strong aim
Meenakshi koul is her name
A witty & a quickie gal
Who taught once a teacher a lesson (drawing sir)
Blonde a bit but clever at the same
Namita chauhan is her name
Beauty with brains, i heard a lot
But an example i never could sought
Beautiful in every way she was
Even beauty could be felt in her name.
Leave in dear….You all know her name …
Do you ???????????????