Monday, July 5, 2010

Love flu......

You being mine is the best i feel.
Every moment with you is like a treasure which no one can steal.
The aroma you have is the best i felt so far.
I know it is more than what i feel as everything has some limit some bar.
The eyes you have creates illusion above beautiful.
Bewitching your smile and every part more beautiful and wonderful.
I know defining beauty in you is a task dareful
But i have this way only by which i can let my wishes fulfill.
Every time i think about you and always a new emotion takes birth.
No part is obedient to me now but for you my heart is worth.
The control of my heart changed by the time i saw you.
Thanks to my eruditely romantic friends who told me i have caught love flu.
You are the cure to this viral disease of mine.
So it is the time for you to cross the inbetween line.
Then only we can be immortal.
Else we all know man is mortal....

1 comment:

  1. Awesome, too good to a thought & the expressions used :>)