Sunday, April 24, 2011

Voice plant......

All these years i have been planning & dreaming about the best that could have happened to me on this fruitful planet & it has been totally opposite of even the smallest positive thing that happened to me.With the result i haven't been able to quench even the faintest thirst for what i strived for. What has been more interesting and be fooling was the approach that i had adopted. When the going got tougher i started thinking more and more that finally landed me in committing suicide but thinking about the after affects & differences it will make i gave myself a next chance of better attempt,though every time i felt my heart & mind confused , doomed , & sinking but the best part was that i was breathing , i was alive.But what i learn t wasn't important at this point of time.a flower was about to bloom & a wind came and crushed it . I wasn't prepared.Surrendering could had made me look like a coward but at the same time wanted to be a hero but not easily. My dad used to tell me that adversity makes a man . I followed many small regimes in my life with the belief that intelligence lies in the action. Without exploiting my actions & showing eagerness of doing heroic actions in uncomfortable situations, I believed that these actions will inculcate in me the basic virtues of heroism. experiencing all this looked incredible & overwhelming but it too had that parasite of corruption of getting carried away . This parasite changed the whole cell structure.In this modern hi speed even viruses are scanned & deleted . Hope humans too had this kinda anti-virus. I feel, i have seen seen simple things more complexly that actually didn't suited the was life works. But what i was earlier isn't what i am today.This thought really made a substantial affect on what i thought i am . Proudy of not forgetting anything i read, even what i tried to remember retained in me like a flash . But what it seems now is the trash of old memories & nothing new & re creative. it takes a lot to fight even for what you don't have but it takes everything to get back what had been yours. Pain is the smallest thing but what important about it is the test it takes. It checks patience , & basic virtues that makes man, a warrior.It may seem easy & hypothetical to those who didn't suffered but for a man it is a clash where heroes are born & where cowards mourn. Playing beautiful & fair is what is important. Crying in all these situations makes liquid pearls gush down my cheeks. Hope this strategy could have changed the coarse of destiny. I feel i haven't intrigued by the so called destiny. It created many chances , situations where i could have lost myself . I don't know how i came out but i know why i did. Out of no where , out of the darkest nights i witnessed , out of the worst scenarios i faced , i still feel i am blessed with many good things which are worth & what is important is my being here where i can grow more plants & reap fruits in the future.No matter what others call me but what my heart says, vividly fits in my mind.journey all these grave situations undoubtedly were nerve wrecking & gruesome .life is sophisticated when seen through the lens of calamity. It may seem blurred & bending away from normal but it takes infinite passion & dedication where all is crystal clear & magnanimous. thick & thins , evens & odds are a part & parcel of life.Many think life is a struggle through out or may differ but at the same time life is a virtue of being real & healthy. It may taste bitter sometimes & difficult to absorb, but it also has in it the juices of love , warmth , affection & success.

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